Paralegal Studies

Division of Technical Studies

Program Mission

The mission of the NTCC Paralegal Program is to prepare students for employment or promotional opportunities in the paralegal field and/or for the pursuit of advanced degrees in the legal field by preparing students to analyze complex legal issues, solve problems, conduct legal research, prepare legal documents, and conduct the day-to-day business operations in a legal office. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Paralegal Studies Program will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of a paralegal and demonstrate legal ethics within that role
  2. Navigate federal, state, and administrative law court systems
  3. Apply problem-solving skills in both substantive and procedural civil and criminal laws to the facts of a particular case
  4. Conduct legal research and analyze statutes, regulations, and relevant case law
  5. Analyze and assist in the preparation of basic legal documents including contracts, discovery requests/responses, and legal memorandum

Student achievement related to Program Learning Outcomes is assessed systematically and results are made available on the Program Review webpage

Campuses/Sites Offered:

  • Lacombe Campus (Lacombe)

Certificate of Technical Studies in Paralegal Studies

The following criteria must be satisfied towards completion of the Certificate of Technical Studies in Paralegal Studies:

CRMJ 1110Intro to Criminal Justice3
CRMJ 1120Introduction to Corrections3
CRMJ 1220Police Systems and Practices3
CRMJ 1330Introduction to Criminal Law3
CRMJ 1420Judicial Process3
PARL 1000Intro to Paralegal Studies3
PARL 1200Civil Procedure & Litigation3
PARL 1300Tort Law for Paralegals3
PARL 1400Family Law for Paralegals3
PARL 1500Business Law for Paralegals3
PARL 2000Legal Research and Writing3
CSSK 1000College Success1
CPTR 1000Introduction to Computers2
CPTR 1002Computer Lit. & Applications3
Total Hours39

Additional Exit Points:

Associate of General Studies

The highest exit point in the Paralegal Studies program is the Associate of General Studies (AGS). The following criteria must be satisfied towards the completion of the Associate of General Studies (AGS):

Certificate of General Studies30
General Education Core
General Education Electives
Paralegal Studies Elective Courses*30
Total Hours60

*It is recommended that students complete the Certificate of Technical Studies in Paralegal Studies towards the 30 credit hours needed for completion of the Associate of General Studies. 

Special Comments:

  • Anticipated program length for the completion of the highest level exit point is 2 years.

  • Program requirements must be completed with a programmatic grade point average of 2.0 or higher and grade of "C" or higher in all applicable coursework.

Career Information

Career Opportunities

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