Programs of Study

The following section of the catalog is a description of all programs of study offered at Northshore Technical Community College. The curricula area is accurate and complete as possible at the time of publication of this catalog. Since this catalog was prepared, some programs may have been added or deleted, and/or changes in curricula may have been made.

Programs of Study:

Degrees, Diplomas and Exit Points

Exit level designations for these programs are as follows:

  • TCA - Technical Competency Area: an applied course, or series of courses (1-16 credit hours) which provides a student with a specific technical competency.
  • CTS - Certificate of Technical Studies: an applied technical program (16-33 credit hours) usually formed by combining multiple TCAs.
  • TD - Technical Diploma: an applied technical degree program (45-60 credit hours) formed by combining multiple CTSs and/or TCAs.
  • AAS - Associate of Applied Science Degree: an applied/academic degree program (60-75 credit hours) primarily designed to prepare students for immediate employment or career entry.

Degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates earned are recorded on the transcript upon verification of award requirements. Highest earned award is issued only when an applicant applies for graduation and pays the required graduation fee. Associate degrees have general education requirements.

*Listing of a program does not necessarily mean that enrollment is accepted every semester. Program availability varies and start dates are often determined by the program coordinator. If no information is given in the program description, students should contact the department or Student Affairs to determine when the program is to be offered.