Programs of Study

Degrees and Certificates

Degrees & Certificates:

NTCC offers comprehensive credit-bearing coursework leading towards a short-term certificate, technical diploma, and/or associate degree. A full list of credit programs of study is provided below.

Transfer Pathways

University Transfer Pathways:

NTCC has established partnerships with universities and colleges designed to prepare you for transfer into a bachelor’s degree or specialized program and another institution of higher learning. Transfer pathways are facilitated within the Louisiana Transfer Degree Program.

Degree and Certificate Programs:

*Listing of a program does not necessarily mean that enrollment is accepted every semester. Program availability and start dates vary.

Master Course Syllabus:

Master syllabus templates contain the base information for each course offered by the college. Though the final version used within a specific section of a course is subject to change by the assigned faculty member, the master syllabus includes the minimum elements required for a formal syllabus. Master syllabi are accessible and published on NTCC website:

College Policies:

In addition to requirements and stipulations included in the College Catalog, official college policies may also contain expectations related to degree completion and enrollment at the college. Official Academic Affairs and Student Affairs related policies are accessible and published on the college website:

Note: This section of the catalog is a description of all credit-bearing degree and certificate programs of study offered at Northshore Technical Community College. The curricula area is accurate and complete as possible at the time of publication of this catalog. Since this catalog was prepared, some programs may have been added or deleted, and/or changes in curricula may have been made.

General Education Core:

The purpose of the general education core at NTCC is to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience. The general education core is a required component of associate degree programs at NTCC. The college requirement for the general education core is a minimum of 15 credit hours, with three credit hours in each core category (English Composition, Mathematics, Natural Science, Behavioral Science, and Humanities). Elective options are outlined below.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the general education core at NTCC, students should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively by use of composition through writing and speaking and comprehension through reading and listening.
  • Construct problem-solving strategies to model, interpret, and (or) communicate solutions to mathematical problems.
  • Integrate concepts of the scientific nature of the world and the role of behavioral and natural sciences as it pertains to health and well-being.
  • Examine significant ideas and achievements in literature, art, music, and media in order to evaluate the impact these forms of expression have in today’s world.  
  • Analyze the diversity of the human experience through the practical applications of social, historical, cultural, economic, and political systems and apply to current events and in professional settings.
  • Distinguish and apply credible sources of knowledge utilizing information literacy and research skills.

Student achievement related to student learning outcomes is assessed systematically and results are made available on the Program Review webpage

General Education Elective Options:

English Composition (Note: Cannot apply both ENGL 1015 and 1015A)
ENGL 1015English Composition I3
ENGL 1025English Composition II3
Mathematics (Note: Cannot apply both MATH 1005 and MATH 1015 nor both MATH 1500 and 1500A nor both MATH 1001 and 1001A)
MATH 1001Applied Algebra3
MATH 1005College Algebra Fundamentals3
MATH 1015College Algebra3
MATH 1200Contemporary Math3
MATH 1500Finite Math3
MATH 1620Plane Trigonometry3
MATH 1650Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry5
MATH 2000Calculus5
MATH 2410Elementary Statistics3
Natural Sciences
Biological Science Electives:
BIOL 1010Introduction to Biology I3
BIOL 1020Introduction To Biology II3
BIOL 1100Gen Biology I (Science Major)3
BIOL 1110Environmental Biology3
BIOL 1200Gen Biology II (Science Major)3
BIOL 2200Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
BIOL 2230Medical Microbiology3
BIOL 2300Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
Physical Science Electives:
CHEM 1010Gen Chemistry I NonScience Mjr3
GEOL 1010Physical Geology3
GEOL 1020Historical Geology3
PHYS 1010Elementary Physics3
ENGL 2010British Literature3
ENGL 2020American Literature3
ENGL 2030World Literature3
HIST 1010Western Civilization I3
HIST 1020Western Civilization II3
HIST 1500World Hist Perspective of Oil3
HIST 2010American History3
HIST 2020American History II3
HIST 2100History of Louisiana3
HMAN 2015Humanities for Leaders3
Additional Approved Electives: The following courses can be used as an additional elective for this category only if one of the above courses is also completed.
FREN 1010Elementary French I3
FREN 1020Elementary French II3
SPAN 1010Elementary Spanish I3
SPAN 1020Elementary Spanish II3
SPCH 1015Introduction to Speaking3
SPCH 1025Intro to Interpersonal Com3
Social Behavioral Sciences
ECON 2010Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2020Principles of Microeconomics3
POLI 2010Introduction to American Gover3
POLI 2020State & Local Politics3
PSYC 1500Psy of Addict Behave&Sub Abuse3
PSYC 2015Introduction To Psychology3
PSYC 2040Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 2100Social Psychology3
SOCL 2015Introduction to Sociology3
SOCL 2120Social Problems3
SOCL 2220Marriage and Family3
SOCL 2420Stratification and Inequality3
Additional Approved Electives: The following courses can be used as an additional elective for this category only if one of the above courses is also completed.
CRMJ 1110Intro to Criminal Justice3
CRMJ 1120Introduction to Corrections3
CRMJ 1220Police Systems and Practices3
CRMJ 1330Introduction to Criminal Law3
CRMJ 1340Deviance3
CRMJ 1410Juvenile Justice3
CRMJ 1420Judicial Process3

Other General Education Electives:
Fine Arts:
ARTS 1010Survey of World Art History I3
ARTS 1020Survey of World Art History II3
MUSC 1010Music Appreciation3
THEA 1010Introduction To Theatre3

General Education Elective:

For degree plans that list an option for a "General Education Elective", students may choose any course listed in one of the above General Education categories (English Composition, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Behavioral Sciences, and Fine Arts). 

Degrees, Diplomas, and Exit Points:

Exit level designations for these programs are as follows:

  • CTC - Career and Technical Certificate: an applied skills program (6-18 SCH) that provides specific, meaningful technical skills relative to employment readiness and designed towards preparation for an industry-based certification (IBC).
  • CTS - Certificate of Technical Studies: an applied, technical program (16-33 SCH) to provide a student with a broad technical competency in a specific area or field.
  • TD - Technical Diploma: an applied, technical program (45-60 SCH) usually formed by combining multiple CTSs and/or CTCs.
  • AAS - Associate of Applied Science Degree: an applied degree program, with a limited general education core component, primarily designed to prepare students for immediate employment or career entry.
  • Louisiana Transfer Degree (AALT or ASLT): an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree that follows a prescribed curriculum (providing both structure and flexibility) and assures transfer of the 60 SCH in the degree plus credit for completion of the Board of Regents’ required general education block at any public university.

Degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates earned are recorded on the transcript upon verification of award requirements. Associate degrees have general education requirements.

Credential List

A list of credentials offered by NTCC, by credential type, is provided below:

Associate of Applied Science Programs

  • Information Systems Technology (110103)
  • Veterinary Technology (018301)
  • Technical Studies (479999)
    • Concentrations:
      • Automotive Technology (470604)
      • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (470201)
      • Building Technology Specialist (460401)
      • Business Office Administration (520401)
      • Care & Development of Young Children (190709)
      • Culinary Arts & Occupations (120503)
      • Diesel Powered Equipment Technology (470605)
      • Electric Line Technology (460301)
      • Electrician (460302)
      • Machine Tool Technology (480501)
      • Maritime Technology (490399)
      • Practical Nursing (513901)
      • Welding (480508)

Associate of General Studies (240102)

Louisiana Transfer Degree (240199)

Diploma Programs

Certificate of Technical Studies Programs

Certificate of General Studies

Career and Technical Certificate Programs

Provost Welcome Message

Picture of Dr. Daniel Roberts, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at NTCC

Welcome to the new academic year!  As a life-long resident of the Northshore, it’s truly an honor and blessing to serve our Northshore communities. With another academic year approaching, it is important to reflect on our College Mission and how we can put our mission into practice each and every day. Our mission is to provide workforce training and transfer opportunities to students seeking a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Our programs and services are student-centered and are the core of our College. We remain sharply focused on continuing to increase access to affordable learning and career opportunities across the Northshore. We are thankful for the many faculty and staff that are so dedicated to our mission and building a stronger future for our students.  For everyone that’s a part of the Northshore family, keep striving for excellence in all that you do!

Daniel Roberts, PhD
Provost & Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs