Tuition and Fees

Paying for College

At Northshore Technical Community College, there are several options available for managing payment for tuition and fees. Payment options, requirements and responsibilities are reviewed below. NTCC is committed to keeping the cost of attendance affordable.

Tuition and Fees: Credit Coursework

Review the credit coursework tuition and fee schedule(s), visit our "Paying for College" webpage:

Tuition, Academic Excellence Fee, Operational Fee, Technology Fee, Student Services Fee, Building Use Fee, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) fee for credit-hour courses are determined by the number of credit hours scheduled per semester.  Access fee is $50 per student, per semester for Fall and Spring-$25 per student, per semester for Summer. Student Government Association (SGA) fee is $12 per student, per semester.  All tuition and fees are due by the payment deadlines established in NTCC Academic Calendar for each semester.  Schedules will be purged from the system for any student not paying by the specified deadlines.

Payment Options

It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her account through LoLA for account balance information.  To secure classes, all tuition and fees must be paid in full, financial aid must be verified, or enrollment in the payment plan through Transact must be completed by the dates established in NTCC Academic Calendar.  Fee Bills are also emailed to the student's preferred email address. Payment options are as follows:

  1. On-line payment options through Transact 
    1. Credit Card:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card is accepted. A 2.75% convenience fee will be charged for payments with credit cards.
    2. Electronic Check:  Bank account number and routing number is needed for this option.  There are no additional fees charged for electronic check payments. A $25 returned check charge will be assessed by Transact to any electronic check payment that is not honored by the bank or that cannot be processed. Please make sure entered information is correct.
    3. Payment Plan:  Number of installments depends on when a student enrolls into the Payment Plan. Enrollment fee for participation in this plan is set by Transact and is currently $30. Upon activation of a payment plan the first installment is processed immediately plus the $30 enrollment fee. Payments can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express with a 2.75% convenience fee or through a checking or savings account. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure funds are available at the time of the withdrawal. Auto-Debit is available for remaining payments. 
      Students whose financial aid cannot be verified at the time of registration may sign up for a payment plan.  However, the student must fulfill all payment plan obligations. If the student becomes eligible for financial aid during the semester, NTCC will apply financial aid award money to balances owed.  Students will receive financial aid awards after all payment obligations have been met and, if applicable, the plan will be terminated.  Students cannot default on payment plans because they are expecting a PELL or other financial aid award.  Students who default on payment plans will not be allowed to participate in payment plans in future semesters without prior approval.
      To view student fee bills and to pay online follow the directions below:
      • Go to
      • Click LoLA
      • Enter user ID and Password
      • Under the self service tab click on Northshore Technical Community College
      • Click Student Account
      • Click Account Summary
      • Select Payment Options at the bottom of the screen—this will take you to Transact where you proceed with your payment.
  2. Payment in person:  Cash, check, and money orders are the only forms of payment accepted at NTCC’s cashier window located at a NTCC location.

Financial Responsibility

Any debt owed to the College as a result of the student’s failure to make required payments or failure to comply with the terms of the applicable program as governed by Northshore Technical Community College will result in a violation of the terms and conditions.  Students with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to register for future semesters or receive academic transcripts until the debt is paid in full.  Failure to respond to demands for payment made by Northshore Technical Community College may result in such debts being transferred to the State of Louisiana Attorney General’s Office or other outside collection agency for collection.  Upon transmittal for collection, the student is responsible for collection/attorney’s fees in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the unpaid debt, and all court costs.

Returned Check (NSF)

The charge for each returned check is $25.  The student’s provisional registration shall be canceled after the return of a check issued to the College through Transact for payment of tuition and fees unless payment is made in full or other appropriate action is taken to fulfill the student’s financial obligation.  Future checks will not be accepted from students issuing an NSF check.  Cash, money order, or credit card (Transact ONLY) will be required.  A student whose registration is canceled because of the issuance of a bad check to NTCC will not be permitted to re-enroll (even though cancellation of his/her registration prohibited the earning of any credit) until the financial obligation has been cleared.  When registration is canceled, the student is not allowed to continue attending classes.

Failure to Pay for Courses

If a student fails to pay for courses due to incomplete or inaccurate financial aid information, payment plan default, or a dishonored check, he/she is responsible for full payment in cash or money order for all outstanding tuition and fees.  Students unwilling or unable to make full payment will be allowed to drop the courses with a “W” or will be dropped from the courses by the Registrar with an “F”.  In either case, the student will still owe any outstanding balance.  Failure to pay an outstanding balance will prevent the student from obtaining a transcript, award, or other documentation as well as enrolling for future semesters/sessions.

Payment Plan Default

Students may not default on a payment plan because they are expecting a PELL or other financial aid award.  Students who default on payment plans will have their plan terminated and will not be allowed to participate in payment plans in future semesters.

Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are assessed to all who enroll at NTCC.  This policy covers refunds of tuition, fees, and other charges in the event the college cancels a class or a student withdraws from a class or resigns from the college.

A student who resigns from the college may be entitled to some refund of tuition and certain fees based upon the 14th instructional day of the semester refund policy (7th instructional day of the semester refund policy for summer session).  The amount of the refund, if any, will depend upon the amounts paid by the student and the date of withdrawal.

NTCC will first apply refunds to outstanding obligations of the student and then return any remaining funds to the student.  At the time of withdrawal, students are responsible for any unpaid portion of their accounts and for any other obligations to the College.  At no time will the amount refunded exceed the amount paid by the student.

All refunds shall be made according to this policy and schedule and in accordance with any applicable federal guidelines.  Unless otherwise provided by federal guidelines, governing the return to Title IV Funds (Federal Financial Aid), the refund schedule shall not provide for a refund after the official 14th instructional day of the semester for the fall and spring semesters or 7th instructional day of the semester for the summer semester, or alternative sessions.

Please visit the following website for additional details on tuition and fee refunds:  Refund Policy #012

Refunds/Financial Aid Disbursement

All refunds and financial aid are disbursed electronically through a third-party company, BankMobile.  Each student is required to select their REFUND METHOD in BankMobile by following the instructions below:

  • Go to
  • Click LoLA
  • Enter user ID and Password
  • Under the self-service tab click on Northshore Technical Community College
  • Click Student Account
  • Click Academic Links
  • Select Refund Choice