Practical Nursing (PNUR)

PNUR 1001 - Intro. to Nursing Studies (6 Credit Hours)

This course is designed to assist students in transitioning to nursing to gain necessary skills for success in the Practical Nursing program. Course content includes: Medical Terminology, Medical Abbreviations, Review of Body Systems and Function, Basic Concepts for the Health Care Worker, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills, Communication Skills, Customer Service Concepts, Confidentiality, Professionalism and Code of Conduct for Nursing Students. The Lab component will introduce basic nursing skills concepts for the entry-level healthcare worker. The course will also include Basic Arithmetic needed for Healthcare workers: fundamental numerical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. This course also assists the student in acquiring a better understanding of percent, ratio and proportion, and measurements. An essential part of this course is to utilize the concepts to solve application problems.

Prerequisite(s): None