Medical Assistant (MAST)

MAST 1110 - Intro. to Medical Assistant (1 Credit Hour)

Analysis of the job market, salaries, working conditions, and job responsibilities and desirable attributes required of the Medical Assistant. Historical issues and current health care trends are also discussed.

Prerequisite(s): None


MAST 1120 - Law & Ethics for Medical Assis (2 Credit Hours)

Discussion of AMA principles of medical ethics and the law, Patient's Bill of Rights, confidentiality, medical records, and other medical/legal/ethical issues and responsibilities of the Medical Assistant.

Prerequisite(s): None


MAST 1130 - Medical Assistant Applications (2 Credit Hours)

Keyboarding principles, which integrate language arts, medical terminology, and medical document processing with emphasis on utilizing correct techniques, accuracy and speed.

Co-requisite(s): MAST 1110, HMDT 1170, HCOR 1120


MAST 1210 - Administrative Procedures I (4 Credit Hours)

Discussion of the components of effective client/staff communication, both verbal and nonverbal. Beginning front office activities such as scheduling, insurance, billing and patient/client education methods are covered. Practical application activities are integrated throughout this course.

Prerequisite(s): MAST 1110

Co-requisite(s): CPTR 1000, MAST 1130


MAST 1220 - Clinical Procedures I (1 Credit Hour)

This course discusses federal regulations and guidelines including CDC, CLIA88, OSHA Standards, and universal precaution. Emergency procedures, first aid and CPR, infection control measures, laboratory safety and quality control issues, rehabilitation medical practices, general safety measures/precautions used in the office/facility environment for employee/patient/client safety issues are also included. Orientation to clinical facilities is introduced.

Co-requisite(s): MAST 1110, MAST 1120


MAST 1230 - Insurance & Medical Coding (2 Credit Hours)

Discussion of the types of health insurance, insurance claims procedures and instruction in the application of the current version of the International Classification of Diseases, 2001, Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM) Classification System and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT). Students may participate in selected clinical sites as part of this course, if available

Prerequisite(s): HCOR 1120 and HMDT 1170


MAST 2110 - Medical Transcription (3 Credit Hours)

Principles of medical transcription along with practical application and usage of medical forms, reports and case studies with integrated medical terminology and medical keyboarding. Students may participate in selected clinical sites as part of this course, if available.

Prerequisite(s): (HCOR 1120 and HMDT 1170) and (MAST 1130 or KYBD 1110)


MAST 2130 - Clinical Procedures II (1 Credit Hour)

This course will review methods to obtain and document assessment data obtained from the patient/client techniques needed to assist with the basic physical examination, special medical exams and procedures, minor surgical procedures, and the administration of selected medications will be identified. Practical application in selected clinical sites may be a part of this course.

Prerequisite(s): MAST 1220


MAST 2140 - Pharmacology for Medical Assis (2 Credit Hours)

Basic knowledge of drug classifications, mathematical computations and principles of medication administration as it related to the Medical Assistant.

Prerequisite(s): None


MAST 2210 - Clinical Procedures III (1 Credit Hour)

Students will utilize methods to obtain specimen samples for diagnostic tests, perform diagnostic studies, assist with electrocardiography and cardiac diagnostic tests, pulmonary function tests and procedures, venipuncture, hematology, radiography and other specialty laboratory tests.

Prerequisite(s): MAST 2130


MAST 2222 - Medical Assistant Externship (2 Credit Hours)

Students will experience 180 hours of preceptor clinical experience in a variety of health care agencies allowing practical application of medical assistant principles, theories and skills.

Co-requisite(s): MAST 1230