Industrial Maintenance Core (IMTC)

IMTC 1000 - Basic Hydraulics (3 Credit Hours)

This course includes the principles of basic hydraulic systems and general maintenance procedures of a hydraulic system. Also included are the disassembly and assembly of hydraulic components and the application of safety rules and regulations.

Prerequisite(s): None


IMTC 1010 - Intro To Industrial Trades (4 Credit Hours)

IMTC 1020 - Leadership Teamwork Prof Ethic (2 Credit Hours)

Students identify, apply and reflect on aspects of leadership, teamwork and professionalism, including concepts of personal change toward effective leadership in response to changing environments. Topics cover values and ethics, motivation, group dynamics, conflict resolution, interpersonal and communication skills, personal assessment and development and citizenship. A variety of delivery methods including lecture, critical thinking activities, role playing, interviews and learning projects are incorporated into course delivery.

Prerequisite(s): None


IMTC 1100 - Welding Technology I (7 Credit Hours)

Topics covered in this course include: Welding Safety: Covers safety equipment, protective clothing, and procedures applicable to the cutting and welding of metals.

Prerequisite(s): None


IMTC 2991 - Special Projects I (1 Credit Hour)

IMTC 2992 - Special Projects II (2 Credit Hours)