Health Phlebotomy (HPHL)

HPHL 1013 - Phlebotomy (4 Credit Hours)

This course discusses introductory information relative to phlebotomy theory and fundamental phlebotomy skills, including venipuncture, capillary sticks, infection control procedures, and lab tests that the Phlebotomist may perform, including a 75-hour classroom and 45-hour laboratory practice. Study of advanced phlebotomy skills and procedures that include laboratory administrative procedures, tube identification, and laboratory equipment usage is also included. Students perform introductory, fundamental and advanced phlebotomy skills in the lab for instructor evaluation in preparation for clinical externship. Students spend an additional 90 hours of supervised preceptor clinical hours in a variety of health care sites in order to obtain the necessary course requirements for a total of 210 clock hours.

Co-requisite(s): HCOR 1205, HNUR 1211, HCOR 1214