Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT 1010 - Accounting Fundamentals (3 Credit Hours)

ACCT 1010 is designed to help students understand fundamental accounting concepts and principles, as well as to develop the capability to perform the basic accounting functions: the recognition, valuation, measurement and recording of the most common business transactions and the preparation of accounting statements.

Prerequisite(s): None


ACCT 1500 - Computerized Accounting (3 Credit Hours)

Students will learn how to set up a new company, manage bank account transactions, maintain customer, job, and vendor information, manage inventory, generate reports, and use the Company Snapshot window. Students will also create invoices and credit memos, write and print checks, add custom fields, set up budgets, and learn how to protect and back up their data.

Prerequisite(s): ACCT 2100


ACCT 2100 - Financial Accounting (3 Credit Hours)

Financial accounting teaches the basic means of recording and reporting financial information in a business. This course addresses how accounting functions as an information development and communication system that supports economic decision making and provides value to entities and society. Students will discover the uses and limitations of financial statements and related information and apply analytical tools in making both business and financial decisions. Topics examined include those related to corporate financial position, operating results, cash flows, and financial strength.

Prerequisite(s): ACT Math with a score of 17 or ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra with a score of 65 or ACCUPLACER NG Algebra QAS with a score of 250

Co-requisite(s): MATH 0098, MATH 0099, MATH 1005, MATH 1015, MATH 1500