Course Descriptions

The following is a listing of all courses of instruction offered by divisions at Northshore Technical Community College.  This listing is as accurate and complete as possible at the time of publication of this catalog.  Since this catalog was prepared, some courses may have been added, others may have been deleted, and/or changes in content may have been made.

The course numbering system implies the following:

  • Courses numbered below 00## are developmental courses.
  • Courses in the 1### series are designed for freshmen.
  • Courses in the 2### series are designed for sophomores.

Courses numbered below 1000 are developmental and are not acceptable for credit toward a diploma or an associate degree. Some other courses numbered 1000 and above may not carry credit toward some associate degrees.

The numerical listing after the course titles gives the following information:

  • First number, lecture credit hours per course
  • Second number, laboratory credit hours per course
  • Third number, total semester credit hours

All courses used as prerequisites to other courses must be completed with a “C” or higher in order to satisfy the prerequisite requirement for the subsequent course.